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Personal Training

Whatever your goals are - weight loss, muscles toning, improved conditioning and strength, preparing for photo shoots or movie shots or wanting to lead and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle - our personal training programs will help you to achieve that. We will develop a customized training program just for you, motivate you, plan your nutrition and monitor the progress.

Level: Beginners to Advanced.

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Asylum Fitness Bootcamp is a fun high octane-fast paced class that will challenge you in every way, physically-mentally and your own personal fortitude! It is a complete body workout extensively targeting all muscle groups while being a cardiovascular workout at the same time.
We offer group classes that consist of short HIIT (high intensity interval training) . Our unique Bootcamp program combines a lot of techniques such as sandbells, sandbags, Bulgarian sandbags, TRX, Kickboxing, boxing, functional training, and crossfit. We do a lot of bodyweight, core strengthening, and cardiovascular endurance exercises.

Level: Beginners to Advanced.

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Express workouts

Specifically designed classes for people, who would like to train on-the-go at the maximum level, but have limited time on their hands. Our extremely intensive interval circuit training program will provide the same benefits as our regular training sessions in a short period of time. For 30 min you will train with limited breaks utilizing various muscle groups and various techniques.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced.

For prices, please call us or send an e-mail.

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