Testimonials and FAQ's


 By Gavin M. "Matt and Val are great trainers, would definitely recommend them. Routines are very effective, always new and challenging. Great motivators and very knowledgeable, can noticeably feel the benefit."

By Agathe T. "Matt and Valeria are the best fitness trainers.The boot camp program Matt put in place makes you feel better about yourself, healthy and strong. As an ex professional track and field athlete I can assure you guys that Asylum Fitness provide the best. Matt is very attentive and encouraging while helping you to reach your goal.And Valeria is an expert when it comes to getting your butt look like a million bucks. No seriously butt exercise, cardio, leg work. You want a Brazilian ass go to her. I have been working out with Matt and Valeria for over 2 years and they also helped getting back in shape after giving birth. I highly recommend them and value their experience, professionalism, kindness, patience and love how fun it is at their boot camp. Thank you so much Matt and Valeria."

By Fran B. "I've been a client of Matt's for almost three years. When I first started working out with him, I thought I was in relatively good shape. I had always been a runner and figured my few runs a week kept me in optimal form. After working out with Matt, I realized that being in great shape was about working your entire body, not just certain areas. I've specifically noticed that my core is much stronger and my posture better. My shoulders and arms are much more sculpted than before and I frequently get compliments on them. Our workouts are challenging, but never boring - we do a variety of different activities, ranging from boxing to planks to strength training. Matt is also extremely professional and fun to be around. I highly recommend him as fitness trainer!

By Michael B. "Matt of Asylum Fitness is one of the best trainers I have ever worked out with. Whatever my personal goals were at that time, he was able to design a program that showed results.  If motivation is your weakness when it comes to working out, Matty D has that motivation and then some to keep you going.   100% recommend Asylum Fitness and Matty D!"

By Chris D. "Matt is the best trainer around!  He will work you hard and leave you with that rewarding sore feeling the next few days.   I was always in pretty good shape but he has taken me to another level and I have truly noticed a body transformation.  Get started with him ASAP, best advice I could give!"

By David L. "I've trained with Matt on multiple occasions. His workout programming is dynamic to say the least.  It takes fitness to a whole new level. If you are looking to break away from the conventional gym routine then Asylum fitness is for you. I've been training for over 20 years and every time I train with Matt I feel like a first timer. Super challenging with great results."

By Maria G. "I've been training with Matt for about a year, and I love it. Our workouts are always challenging and tough, but at the same time entertaining and enjoyable. I've been able to shed a few pounds and get rid of fat around my belly (my most problematic area). Matt also gave me excellent suggestions about my diet and nutrition (which I try to follow most of the time).  I highly recommend him and Asylum Fitness as your workout guru! "

By Brian E. " I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks from Western Canada for your 1 month Tough Mudder training plan from Men's Fitness. I followed the video instructions explicitly and absolutely crushed it at Tough Mudder Whistler in British Columbia on Saturday. Your workouts were significantly harder from a lactic acid and anaerobic standpoint than anything I faced on the course so not only was I in great shape and well prepared but I also never felt as if the course was beyond my training. I completed Funky Monkey without falling and made it up Everest in one run! At the conclusion of the course, I still felt as if I could have continued, which in my mind is the essence of great training.
Thanks again for the plan, I will continue to add the workouts into my regular rotation and look forward to the next challenge." 



Why should I train with a personal trainer?

Motivation-see the difference in your workouts when properly motivated
Instruction-proper form is so overlooked yet is the most important thing when training
Safety-your safety is our top priority
Results-see what proper training and nutrition can do for your body

Who can benefit from our personal training programs?

Asylum Fitness personal training programs work well for:

Beginners - Everyone must start somewhere.  The important thing is to start!  Be committed to a consistent workout program as well as a healthy nutritional diet and you will thank yourself for making an investment into your physical and mental well being!

Rehabilitation - In order to come back from any type of injury, a personal training program is a must.

Women during pregnancy - Not all exercises are suited for pregnant women. We created a specific program that will help ladies to stay toned during their whole pregnancy period. Post pregnancy,  we will help you to get back in shape and quickly lose all the extra baby weight.

Keeping up the level of motivation - many people lose focus and motivation when they don't see their desired results...We will keep you on track to accomplishing your goals!

I have never trained before, can I attend bootcamp classes?

Absolutely. Everyone who would like to train hard and achieve their maximum physical potential is encouraged to attend our bootcamp sessions. Just be prepared to push yourself to your limits and enjoy the "new you".  

I am in a great physical shape and go to gym regularly, will bootcamp classes be challenging enough for me?

Absolutely!  I personally guarantee that you will be pushed above and beyond any workout routine that you have performed on your own!

Where do we train?

If you have a gym in your building or would like to train in your apartment we will come there.  We also have a Gym location in Midtown and also train in Central Park.  So whether you prefer to train outdoors, in a big gym or in the comfort of your own home or gym we will accommodate your preferences. 

Bootcamp classes are held in Central Park (weather permitting), or in midtown gym location if the weather isn't conducive to working out. 

How do I sign up for sessions?

To sign up for classes or individual training sessions, please call or e-mail us.

What is the payment policy?

Advanced payment is required for classes. You can pay either for one session or buy a package.

What is the cancellation policy?

We have a 24hour cancellation policy.